Lessons on Engagement You Can Learn From Insurance Providers

In the current healthcare market, patients are shopping around their healthcare needs. But it’s not only hospitals and doctors who are being vetted—it’s insurance companies as well. Together, this is creating a more conscious patient, and they’re often much more cautious about the costs of their healthcare as they become more financially responsible for the care they’re receiving.

A recent article from MedCityNews details three primary ways that insurance companies are better connecting to their consumers. The three ways aren’t specific to insurance providers, however. They can and should also be applied to healthcare providers to better engage their patients.

The three pillars are education, administrative, and financial, and all offer unique ways to create better relationships with patients. Education on both the tests and procedures they’re undergoing as well as the financial responsibility associated with them will keep the patient better in the know. Offering online portals or mobile apps to allow patients to engage their own records and see specifically what they owe for can help close the revenue cycle more quickly. And simply explaining costs, what they owe and why they owe it, and providing ways for them to easily pay their bills can all have a big impact on patient satisfaction.

Maintaining rapport with patients is increasingly important as the world of healthcare continues to change. It helps demystify the hospital experience and allows the patient to better connect with the hospital in general.

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