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Maintaining Compliance: What You Should Watch

Part of managing accounts receivable at a medical facility is maintaining rapport with patients. It’s always a priority to close the revenue cycle, but there may be situations in which this becomes difficult. In these cases, ensuring patient satisfaction becomes more difficult in its turn. Add in that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requires that businesses maintain compliance in a number of areas, collecting due payment becomes a more complicated situation. Here are a few ways your medical institution can ensure accounts receivable partners are remaining compliant with the CFPB without estranging already stressed-out patients. Continue reading Maintaining Compliance: What You Should Watch

Digital Tools are Important for Patients Choosing Care Providers

A recent survey just released results that state patients are very interested in the digital health tools a doctor provides—enough so that they’ll choose their care provider based on access to them.

Specifically, patients wanted tools like online appointment scheduling, online bill pay options, and online test results. This survey may show that by investing in these tools—or finding partners who can help provide them—you can keep your patients more satisfied.

You can read more of the survey results here.

What Does Alarm Fatigue Mean for Clinicians?

Alarm fatigue—the condition in which doctors and nurses begin to take less notice to various alarms within hospitals—has a lot of serious side effects for hospitals. It is thought that up to 85 percent of alarms don’t necessitate interaction with a clinician, leading many to simply stop hearing them. Yet when an alarm that does require attention sounds but doesn’t get noticed, there can be clear repercussions. Continue reading What Does Alarm Fatigue Mean for Clinicians?