5 Things Good Call Center Reps Do that Makes a Difference

When you’re outsourcing your self-pay accounts receivable, you’re trusting that the partner you’ve chosen can not only handle the work, but perform it at the same level you expect from your employees. In many cases, the call center representatives on the phone with your patients are highly trained—not just in customer service, but also in the specifics of your policies and procedures. There are some things that a well-trained call center rep does every day that make a huge difference to both your patients and your bottom line.

Location is Everything

In some cases, the call center may not be in the same city or state as your medical facility. In that case, a good call center rep not only takes into account potential time differences, but also understands not to talk about the weather or local events.  The best experiences for patients are seamless interactions. As far as they know, they are still dealing with the medical facility where they received care. And in many ways, with a highly trained call center rep, they are.

Provides Flexibility

Call center reps deal with dozens of calls every day, with each situation ranging in difficulty. A good rep knows when and how to offer flexibility to a patient. For example, they may need to set up a payment plan that meets the needs of both the patient and the medical facility. They may also be faced with a few challenging personalities. With people who have recently undergone extensive procedures or treatments, there may be some testy attitudes when it comes time to pay their portion of the bill. A seasoned representative is capable of making the best of any situation, or at the least, not letting their bad experience color the next call.

Offers Empathy

The last thing a patient wants is someone feeling sorry for them, especially when it comes to their financial situation. Instead, a great call center rep will try to meet the patient where they are by offering empathy.  Achieving a judgment-free understanding of what the patient is going through can make all the difference in a successful transaction.

Effective at Communicating

Many times, patients won’t necessarily understand what they owe, or why. This is frustrating to them, and potentially scary. A good call center rep can help them understand their situation better, explain why they owe what they owe, and when they owe it. If there are payment options, they can explain what each of those are in such a way that the patient is able to understand the decisions that they are making, and know their obligations for the future.

Have to Listen

Perhaps above all, great call center reps aren’t just good at getting payments processed—they’re good listeners. They hear what the people on the other line are going through, understand and process the situation to provide the best solution, and listen to any issues that may arise. There are no scripts to get them through every possible situation, so listening and understanding becomes a top quality in any good call service rep.

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