Digital Tools are Important for Patients Choosing Care Providers

A recent survey just released results that state patients are very interested in the digital health tools a doctor provides—enough so that they’ll choose their care provider based on access to them.

Specifically, patients wanted tools like online appointment scheduling, online bill pay options, and online test results. This survey may show that by investing in these tools—or finding partners who can help provide them—you can keep your patients more satisfied.

You can read more of the survey results here.

The Future of Virtual Doctor Visits

The landscape of healthcare is changing, and one of those changes is virtual doctor visits. Recently, health insurer UnitedHealthcare announced it would begin offering in-network virtual doctor visits to its members, for the same cost (or even less) than traditional visits. Doctor on Demand, Optum’s NowClinic, and American Well’s Amwell will provide the care. Continue reading The Future of Virtual Doctor Visits

Concierge Medicine: Doctors on Retainer?

Since hitting the scene a few years ago, concierge medicine has been the subject of much discussion. Concierge medicine refers to an arrangement in which a patient pays a set amount a month, and the patient has a certain number of hours he or she can see the doctor for that time. These “retainers” are common in other business fields, and are even becoming more common in veterinary medicine, but will it work for human medicine? Continue reading Concierge Medicine: Doctors on Retainer?