Increase Engagement, Maintain Self-Pay Collection, Provide World-Class Customer Service

30 Minutes with HCM's CEO


Year-to-date, even with the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, our clients’ self-pay cash collections have stayed steady.  Our CEO, Ashley Borneman, and VP of Business Intelligence, Wesley Gryna are meeting with revenue cycle leaders to share our best practices for increasing patient engagement, providing a world-class patient experience, and maintaining self-pay cash collections.

Meet our experts.

Ashley Borneman


Ashley lives to be an amplifier of others and improve everything all the time. That’s the mantra she brings to her role as Chief Executive Officer of HCM every single day. She’s a third-generation owner who learned early on never to settle for the status quo and continuously look for what’s next. That’s what’s led her to spearhead growth initiatives like the creation and launch of HCM’s proprietary analytics-driven platform to expand client support and improve the patient experience throughout the revenue cycle.

Ashley considers everyone at HCM family, and she extends that care and commitment to each and every patient we serve. Her vision for the betterment of patient outcomes continues to inspire our drive and passion for what we do. Outside of HCM, she is passionate about supporting local independent businesses, the art and music community, and being a loving mom to her growing sons.

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Wesley Gryna

VP, Business Intelligence

Wesley joined HCM in 2017 as Director, Analytics & Client Integration, specializing in implementing, customizing and optimizing EMR integration, HCM analytics and reporting, and data-driven strategies. During that time, Wesley has worked with many clients to build high engagement and scalable solutions with our clients.

Throughout his career, Wesley has produced enterprise solutions and ad-hoc reporting models including relational and columnar models. He also delivered executive dashboards and multi-tiered reporting applications, including key performance indicators (KPIs) with dynamic links to detailed analytics.

Today Wesley serves as our VP of Business Intelligence, working to provide valuable insights to all of our partners.


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We are here to help.


Now is the time to lean into patient engagement.   We’ve seen an increase in our outbound answer rates, and inbound call-backs by up to 25%. Find out how we utilized custom messaging and intelligent segmentation to increase our outbound dialing campaigns by 25%.

Join Ashley and Wes for a 30-minute conversation, and we share our best practices for maintaining self-pay cash collections utilizing a strategic and intelligent approach to patient engagement.

Why HCM?

We’re on a mission to humanize the patient billing experience – and the entire healthcare revenue cycle while we’re at it.