Denied claim and timely filing
causing you heartburn?

We Are Here to Help!

Every day more claims get added to the top of your team’s funnel.  Which means more claims are making their way to aged buckets.  Often times your team has too much on their plate to tackle the older and more difficult aging claims, this is where HCM can help.  Our team is ready to jump in and help alleviate some of the burdens, to help you get paid faster. Our Senior Vice President of Insurance Optimization, Jim, is currently hosting 30-minute virtual meetings with revenue cycle leaders to discuss best practices our team employs to make your job easier. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, snag a time today!

How HCM Can Help

Aging and difficult claims don’t have to be written off as a loss. But right now, your team might not be able to service those claims and the many others coming through the door every day. Our free assessment gives you a picture of what’s collectible, so you can bring that much extra revenue in the door.

Meet Our Team

James Terpstra

Sr VP, Insurance Optimization

Jim joined HCM in 2017 as the Senior Vice President of Insurance Optimization and brings over three decades of healthcare revenue cycle and financial operations experience to HCM and its clients. Jim draws from his experience as the Vice President of Revenue Cycle with a multi-hospital system and multi-specialty physician network to streamline systems and improve revenue cycle management. As Vice President of HCM’s Insurance Recoveries Services, Jim’s forward-thinking and strategic planning help improve accounts receivables performance for HCM clients.

Mr. Terpstra utilizes Lean principles and methods to focus on team development and team leadership techniques to build a thriving and efficient community of colleagues. He leans on the principals he developed in the Navy to optimize performance. Duty, integrity, honor, courage, and loyalty are at the core of everything he does. Jim was a satisfied client partner for more than 20 years before making the move to HCM. He continually strives to build on the professionalism and dedication he experienced before making the career move to HCM.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the United States Navy and aims to facilitate growth through integrity. He is an active member of the Healthcare Finance Association and the Disabled Veterans Association.


Why HCM?

We’re on a mission to humanize the patient billing experience – and the entire healthcare revenue cycle while we’re at it.