Your patients’ experience begins the moment they walk through your doors, and it continues beyond the time
they spend with their healthcare practitioners. Each component of your team contributes to a positive and
effective interaction.

In an era in where patients have increasingly informed consumers with options in provider selection, every step
– including billing and accounts receivable – counts.

What role can a customized revenue cycle solution play?

Each patient and each healthcare organization are unique, and a state-of-the-art revenue management system
that integrates quality and caring brings optimal results for all. Traditional healthcare collection can appear
threatening, which can alienate your patients.

This damages interpersonal relationships, and it impacts timely payments. A McKinsey report shares factors that are independent of the ability to pay, and they improve collection rates and patient satisfaction:

  • An informed patient. Patients who understand in advance what they will owe and when are better equipped to follow through.
  • Communication that integrates current technology and consumer standards. Patients expect to be treated with respect via the mode of communication that works best for them, whether this is a telephone call, a letter, an email, an online chat session or a text message.

A robust environment and happy endings

Healthcare is a field that touches every element of your patients’ lives, in sickness and health and from birth to rest. Nobody wants what should be a similarly seamless and dignified experience to be reduced to a number. A quality and effective management approach offer the following.

  • It provides you with thoughtful accounts receivable analysis and outlines a coherent, strategic outreach campaign for revenue collection.
  • It uses a technology platform that shares real-time analytics via an intuitive interface.
  • It incorporates effective communication with insurance companies that advocates for your patient and your practice, simultaneously saving your patient time and confusion and maximizing timely compensation.

A healthy system brings a return on investment while recognizing and enhancing your patients’ satisfaction. It offers an extension of the care you provide in the clinic, meeting and exceeding the rising demands of today’s healthcare sector.

At HCM, our concierge service sets both you and your patients up for success, contact us today to find out how we can use our analytics and years of experience to continue to provide the best patient experience for your patients while taking care of your AR.