Millennials—the often-maligned generation born between the early 1980s and early 2000s—are beginning to shape medicine. As they do, new technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in medical interactions.

Some worry that millennials are focusing too much on computers and social media, and less time building relationships with patients. This is a claim that, if true, could be damaging to patient satisfaction. Others, however, believe that millennials are right to focus, at least in part, in building their online reputation.

Millennials are also very focused on work-life balance—being able to spend time outside of the hospital and clinic and be with their families and friends. While older doctors see this as laziness, millennials claim that they see how overworked and frustrated their older peers are, and want to prevent themselves from burning out.

As millennials continue to move up the ranks in medicine, it will be interesting to see how the medical field changes. To read more about the way millennials are adapting today, read the article here.