We answer the call to provide reliable service with every patient engagement

Long lines and lengthy on-hold times seem to be part of daily life now. When your patients face similar frustrations as part of their financial experience with a healthcare system, it erodes their trust. And, as the saying goes, “Distrust is very expensive.”

Just as you provide reliable healthcare when you partner with us to provide reliable financial care during every patient interaction. Relationships — and revenue — flourish when patients know they can count on someone to listen to them and help them find the right solution.

Two critical ways we bring reliability to the patient experience

HCM is fully staffed by representatives who specialize in the healthcare revenue cycle and the patient experience. With every interaction, our agents establish their reliability by working to fulfill two critical aspects of patient engagement:

  1. Working proactively and consistently to understand patients’ financial concerns.
  2. Compassionately counseling patients toward solutions to their concerns.

When patients achieve their goals, you achieve yours — increased revenue and reduced patient churn.

Nothing says “we care” like being there to answer every patient’s call

We reinforce our revenue cycle partnerships with robust business continuity, capacity planning, and world-class service levels. Patients will find us reliable and you will too. After all, that’s what we’re called to be.

Our CEO, Ashley, and VP of Business Intelligence, Wes are hosting 30-minute conversations with revenue cycle teams to better understand how you can plug our team in strategically so you can benefit holistically. Contact us today to schedule your session, you’ll be glad you did.