More and more Americans are signing up for health insurance plans through the enrollment marketplace. Through the second week of open enrollment, nearly 1.1 million Americans have already purchased coverage for 2016. These numbers are up from the time last year.

The American government has estimated that roughly 10 million people will sign up for insurance plans through the marketplace for 2016, up nearly 900,000 over the 2015 projection.

More people with more insurance is great, but it also changes the way hospitals and patients interact. The rise in insured Americans may mean more people visiting hospitals—people who may not be experienced in the way insurance works, or of their own financial responsibilities outside of what insurance will pay.

As more people become insured, closing the revenue cycle becomes increasingly important. If the influx of insured Americans is overwhelming your hospital’s accounts receivable staff, contact a partner who can help you by focusing on self-pay.

For more information about the Affordable Care Act’s 2016 numbers, read the article here.