Hospitals, Tax Time & Data Security

With tax season upon us, it’s more important than ever to consider data security. Identity theft is common during tax season, with so much pertinent information being shared across the internet and face to face. And as more patient records go digital, data security is going to become increasingly more important. Because so much information, from patients’ credit card info and social security numbers, to very personal data regarding their health, hospitals are a prime target for identity thieves. Continue reading Hospitals, Tax Time & Data Security

Your Hospital’s Data Security

For nearly 20 years, HIPAA has existed to keep patient information safe. But as we move further and further into a technologically driven world, the simple rules of HIPAA may not be enough to keep patients’ medical records and data safe. In a 2014 survey, 90% of medical institutions reported a data breach, with some reporting as many as five separate data breaches. Continue reading Your Hospital’s Data Security