We're Bridging the Gap

Revenue cycle support when where you need it.

Our Priorities

At HCM, we like to think of the billing and claims services we offer as the piers supporting your team’s path to effective and efficient revenue cycle performance.

Your Patients

We understand the impact patient experience has not only on your organization but the community you serve. Displaying empathy is critical to creating a supportive and strong space.

Your Team

With seamless onboarding, tailored workflows, data-based trend reporting and consistent communication, our team can make an immediate impact while feeling like we've been there for years.​

Your Revenue

Every dollar of A/R is impactful when it comes to the razor thin margins in healthcare. We treat every account and payer interaction with that in mind by remaining strategic and aware.

Our Company by the Numbers

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Our Inputs for Better Outputs

Seasoned Healthcare Leadership

Technology Backed

Omni-channel Engagement

Playbook or Optimized Workflow

What We Offer

Patient Financial Engagement

As needs arise and the industry is ever-changing, channels and tactics for engaging patients are becoming exponentially important for effective patient retention and revenue recovery. Find out how we can help with the strategy and execution.

Claims Management

With denial rates increasing across the care spectrum while labor shortages are limiting available team resources, care organizations are having a difficult time keeping up with shifting payer requirements and the required rework. Find out how we can maximize reimbursement.

Auditing & Consulting

Healthcare is a complicated field to navigate. A patient’s path to care is rarely straight forward and even less predictable. With endless amounts of data and information, it’s tough enough to deal with current workloads. Find out how we can analyze the past while your team focuses on the present.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Credentialing can be a tedious task that gets placed on the back burner while keeping up with patient workloads. While being consumed with providing care, hospitals and providers could be putting large chunks of reimbursements at risk. Find out how we can help your team remain compliant with payer licensing and certification requirements.

Coding & Compliance

Focusing primarily on providing patient care, coding and compliance can be overlooked due to limited resources, the complex, ever-changing nature of regulations and coding guidelines, and there existing a lack of awareness regarding potential risks associated with non-compliance. Discover how we can address these challenges to ensure accurate coding, regulatory compliance, and ethical billing practices.


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How We Do It

Diverse Experience

We average decades or more of experience through an integrated team that’s worked across healthcare from single site facilities to multi-hospital networks.


We are focused on creating meaningful and collaborative partnerships that drive results. That’s why our clients’ goals and needs are the core of our success.

Strategy & Execution

We’re passionate about delivering and executing for our clients. We’ll work with you to define how to transform rather than just providing a 30 slide strategy deck.

What They Say

Ready to bridge your gaps? Let's talk about it.