Refocusing Revenue Cycle

Partnering with providers to navigate consumerism and obstacles with payers.

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Our Process

World-class service in 3 months or less.

We know that if you’re contacting us, you need a solution that plugs in quickly and seamlessly to your network, your team, your revenue goals, and most importantly your patients. For us, that takes 3 months or less from first meeting to maintenance mode. See how we do it.

Discover: Day 1 - 30


Day 1 - Day 30

The first 30 days consist of a back-and-forth discovery period to set the foundation of an ideal, customized program. We meet in person, exchange ideas and questions, and show you you what we can do for your patients.

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Day 31 - Day 60

We test and validate the systems we’ll put in place for you and begin building the team that’s right – from your own dedicated services representatives to your own data experts.

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ACTIVATE: Day 31 - Day 60


Day 60+

While we’re building your team, we’re also building your real-time data dashboard that lets you see how you’re doing on any number of factors and data points.

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Since I first met them, I've taken them to three other healthcare systems. I always walk into some turnaround opportunities. If there's one thing I've been able to count on, it's HCM's collaboration.

- Revenue Cycle Director

They have achieved outstanding results (for us) and they've done that with minimal to almost zero complaints. That's the number one thing you consider when outsourcing.

- Vice President, Revenue Cycle

They manage payment plans and we trust them to work with our patients to come up with acceptable payment options. They are able to customize their approach and policies to our facility rather than asking us to change our policies to fit their mold. I think that's a huge differentiator.

- Director, Patient Financial Services


Your team + us is just the boost you need

Just like you approach each patient’s care differently, we start from scratch with each client, tailoring our approach to your needs instead of asking you to fit what we offer.  We’ll dig into what you have, customize solutions to make it better, and become a true extension of your own team. By capitalizing on our years of experience, harnessing new technology, and engaging in a highly collaborative discovery process, we ensure smooth data flow and analysis to deliver a seamless integration. Best of all, we help you achieve your true end goal: keeping promises to patients.

Data & Analytics Solutions

Don't just hope that progress is happening. Know it. Real-time, personalized technology makes all the difference.

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