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HCM Services

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company” - Tony Hsiech


Payment Plans

As we partner with our healthcare clients, we work closely with existing staff to gain a thorough understanding their policies and procedures. Payment plans guidelines are customized for each individual facility based on their needs. Due to our experience with so many different organizations we have a superior knowledge with different approaches/solutions to the various challenges our clients face.

  • Highly effective at helping clients implement new payment plan strategies to increase revenue and decreasing days in AR.
  • Increase revenue by then consistently monitoring monthly payment plans to be certain plans are active and payments are being made according to terms.
  • Effective at decreasing the lengthy terms of payment plans often seen due to inconsistent policy management.

Customized Letter Series

Maintaining contact with your patient is instrumental. HCM utilizes customized sequential letter series tied to call management to strategically target missed revenue opportunities accelerating these specific recoveries.  Letter series can be utilized to serve a number of functions for our clients.

  • Target certain sections of open account receivables to inform patients of special offers, discount opportunities, and payment options that might apply to them.
  • Added marketing benefit for hospital designed to publicize and inform patients of events tied to PR initiatives. Letters can range from constructions alerts to new facilities opening, improvements being implemented, new physicians joining your care team, free mammogram clinics, down to flu shots.

Managed Call Center

We operate as an inbound and outbound call center. We have found an increased rate of patient communication earlier in the billing cycle yields higher revenue retention for our partners.

  • Absorbs entire in-bound call volume for self-pay accounts inquiries, decreasing your overhead and allowing current staff to reallocate.
  • Outbound call campaigns, “follow-up patient courtesy calls,” provide a proven method of increasing recovery percentages.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction by having live representatives answer patient questions in a timely manner. We operate with “Best Practice Standards” for our service level: 90% of calls are answered in 30 seconds or less.

Financial Assistance Administration

Every healthcare facility has different policies which can often not only be confusing for patients, but additionally taxing for busy hospital staff. HCM counsels and directs patients to identify the potential provider financial assistance offers. Often patients say they do not have the financial resources to resolve a medical-related expense. Our staff is highly skilled and trained to delicately determine the true details of each situation and execute payment arrangements accordingly.

  • Accurately determine if certain patients are charity vs. bad debt.
  • Coordinate and execute all prescreen and qualification paperwork for you on the patients’ behalf.
  • Save time for hospital office staff, allowing for staff reallocation.

Insurance Optimization

Identifying and verifying insurance for patients is a time consuming yet critical function of any healthcare revenue cycle. Better understanding of the status of insurance claims benefits both patients and providers. HCM Insurance Optimization finds missed insurance revenue and redirects these claims back to the hospital for increased bottom line.

  • Increase revenue by reducing timely insurance filing errors.
  • Decrease risk of missed insurance dollars.
  • Increase patient satisfaction to have assistance dealing with Insurance filing and claims on their behalf.

HCM Security Services

To ensure the security of our clients’ data, we employ a number of services to protect against potential data loss or other risks.

  • External Link Balancing
    We use multiple ISPs to better serve our clients.
  • Virtual Environment
    Our tested and proven virtual environments allow for little to no downtime or discomfort during deployment.
  • Email Security
    Email security is extremely important, so we use a multi-tier approach to protect against any risks or data loss. Emails are scanned with multiple tools and encrypted prior to delivery.
  • FTP Services
    Our FTP services are easy to use and extremely secure, ensuring your data is protected.
  • Data Center Protection
    Our onsite data center is equipped with redundant cooling systems, power management hardware, and network fabric. This system provides safety for data under any circumstances.
  • Data Cave
    The Data Cave is a Tier IV fully redundant data center that we utilize, allowing real time data replication to an offsite, secure server. We have a customized backup in place to protect all of your critical patient financial data.
  • Connectivity
    Top of the line connectivity products facilitate secure connections with patients.
  • Call Center
    With our world-class phone system equipment and system reporting technology, we’re able to provide superior experience to our client’s patients. All calls are recorded, stored for six months, and are available for review upon request.
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