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Organizations understand that the patient experience includes the time between visits, and every interaction with their team – whether in-person or via a myriad of technologies. As such, they can be reluctant to turn over essential functions like revenue cycle management to outside vendors. We understand. That’s why we partner strategically to customize our approach for each unique situation, honing our processes and technology to serve our clients’ patients best. We know our clients could build and manage a patient-focused financial experience team internally if they had the support, the manpower, and the time. Instead, they collaborate with us to improve their infrastructure and efficiency and maintain focus on the overarching objectives of their organization.

Early-Out Management

Patient Financial Engagement

We engage with patients and act as a true extension of your team – honoring and mirroring policies, procedures, and technology as needs arise and the industry changes. We set out to reduce bad debt and accelerate and increase cash through dynamic omni-channel campaigns. For each of our clients, we assign a dedicated and knowledgeable team that consistently delivers high-quality customer service, ongoing patient engagement and account management, which ultimately increases cash and improves the patient experience

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Patient Financial Engagement

Our robust resources include:

  • Managed call center: Calls are handled in a timely, professional, and compassionate manner, and always recorded for future review.
  • Experienced staff: Capable of addressing questions knowledgeably and graciously.
  • Continual monitoring: Managing accounts and payment plans to optimize revenue.
Insurance Optimization

Billing Optimization

Let’s face it, wading through claim and payer issues can take a massive amount of time, attention, and patience for all parties involved. Our team of professionals will analyze and prioritize your claims and billing process then use our assortment of tools to bill, collect, and post as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

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Billing Optimization

We can help you:

  • Submit clean claims
  • Post Payments
  • Resolve denied claims
  • Manage your appeal process
  • Reduce cost to collect and days in AR
  • Gain efficiencies in your team’s time
  • Accelerate cash flow
Legacy AR Workdown


Navigating and managing medical coding operations requires teams to adjust when there are changes in services, staffing, technology, and regulatory requirements. HCM serves as a partner across all facility and patient types.

Close Legacy AR Workdown


We set out to ensure successful coding operation that addresses:

  • Avoiding coding-related denials
  • DNFB
  • Staffing gaps
  • Lacking quality or productivity from existing vendors
  • Coding turnaround times
  • Minimizing compliance risks
Data & Analytics Solutions Icon

Data & Analytics Solutions

We’ve developed a platform that ingests data from EMR’s to provide visibility around self-pay AR, claims, behavioral changes in patient engagement, and patient retention.

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Data & Analytics Solutions

Here’s just a glimpse of what this innovative product offers:

  • Customized reporting: Easy-to-read, customizable dashboards, PDFs, and Excel exports (for those Excel ninjas).
  • Meaningful metrics: We’ve developed metrics that highlight what’s changing which allows us to collaborate on how to take action.
  • Benchmarking: How does your organization compare? What are others doing differently? We provide answers and ideas.
  • Simplistic requirements: Just show us the data and we’ll maximize the value.

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