Denied Insurance Claims: What you need to know to get paid

One way you can make a significant difference in your bottom line is by following up with insurance companies on unpaid claims. Not only will taking the time to regularly and thoroughly review denied claims put more money in your pocket, but it will put you in the good graces of your providers and help […]

Client Success Story: 4M Healthcare

About 4M Healthcare is an independent laboratory based out of Overland Park, KS specializing in UDT and PCR testing.  The Challenge Managing billing within the laboratory space can prove to be quite complex and labor intensive due to the volume of claims and endless coding combinations. In April 2018, 4M realized they had grown to […]

Case Study: Capturing Aged A/R Over 150 Days Old

The Client Our client, a community health system located in the Midwest, has three core locations serving 119,000 residents within six counties. Having nearly 275 beds between the three locations, the health system’s patient revenue is just shy of $690 million with a total of approximately 7,000 patient discharges per year. Having several accreditations and […]

Five Trends for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

What challenges lie ahead in billing and health care revenue cycle management? An increasing number of employers have adopted high-deductible insurance plans for their employees, leaving patients to shoulder more of the costs of their own health care. The impact on revenue cycle management is significant. What changes need to be made now, and what […]

How are Americans affected by medical debt?

Medical debt impacts the lives of millions of Americans. It touches those without health insurance, as well as those who have it. Recent data show that fewer than 40% of Americans have $1,000 saved in the event of a major health problem. As healthcare costs continue to rise, providers and consumers need quality revenue cycle […]

Using all-payer claims databases to reduce the growth of healthcare costs

By having better access to healthcare data, providers, payers, and individuals can stretch their healthcare dollars further and make the whole system more efficient and effective. Many states are using all-payer claims databases to gather the information necessary to initiate plans to bring bills down. The data collected will determine what tools are most useful […]