Impact and Takeaways from the Change Healthcare Breach

Understanding the Impact: A Deep Dive into the Change Healthcare Breach The recent data breach at Change Healthcare marks a significant incident in the realm of healthcare cybersecurity. This blog post aims to dissect the events leading up to the breach, providing a comprehensive breakdown of how it was discovered, the scope of the data […]

Rural Hospital Best Practices Part I

While healthcare may not have had as bright of a spotlight as inflation during last year’s mid-term elections, it’s typically a key concern for many Americans every day; not just on their way to the polls. Yet, there’s a predicament developing within healthcare that isn’t being discussed that could really impact access to care for […]

Denied Insurance Claims: What you need to know to get paid

One way you can make a significant difference in your bottom line is by following up with insurance companies on unpaid claims. Not only will taking the time to regularly and thoroughly review denied claims put more money in your pocket, but it will put you in the good graces of your providers and help […]

Revenue Cycle Health Depends on A/R Follow-Up

Nothing impacts the vitality of your healthcare revenue cycle like accounts receivable (A/R) follow-up. Since A/R is a snapshot of outstanding balances owed to an organization, reducing your A/R aging bucket is an essential element in the success of your practice. Tunnel vision can constrict your revenue cycle, while a more dynamic approach delivers benefits […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Percentage of Delayed Claim Payments

5 Ways to Lower Your Percentage of Delayed Claim Payments We’ve become accustomed to delays in reimbursement payments and lists of claim denials. We’ve all been there. But, we also know clean claims get paid faster, so how do you reduce the number of claims that get kicked back you? Often times, your path to […]