Auditing & Consulting

Ensuring Precision & Mitigating Risks

Get a clearer picture of your revenue cycle

Creating and sustaining a high performing revenue cycle operation can be extremely difficult. The spectrum involves several steps performed across multiple departments that are not always in alignment with priorities. Additionally, the industry is in constant flux with shifting payer guidelines and governmental regulations. A single glitch in the system can have compounding negative effects that may not be noticed for months.

HCM provides strategic and tactical consulting services that can lead to impactful and rapid revenue capture improvement. Our approach is to identify and inform on gaps and development opportunities. We then align internal teams around process improvements that bridge the gaps to increased productivity, reduced costs and maximized reimbursement. 

  • Revenue Cycle Assessments
  • Patient Access Optimization
  • Workflow Redesign and Implementation
  • Interim Management
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring
  • Data & Analytics Strategies
  • ROI Analysis (External or Internal focuses)
  • Project Management

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