Patient Financial Engagement

Bridging Financial and Consumerism Gaps in Healthcare

Healthcare Chaos Management recognizes the challenges faced by healthcare providers in a complex landscape where patients struggle with ballooning balances and coverage gaps. While no single company can alter the healthcare realities entirely, we are committed to making a significant difference by bridging these financial and consumer gaps, ensuring that care organizations can maintain financial security and patients can access the care they need.


Streamlining Insurance & Coverage Verification

Enhanced Coverage Identification: With the immense workload healthcare institutions face, navigating insurance verification and billing procedures is daunting. Our CoverageID service acts as an extension of your hospital’s team, identifying missed coverages and applying critical insights at the guarantor level, thereby adding value to both providers and patients.

Advocating for Patients: We ensure that patients are appropriately advocated for in the coverage process, helping to secure the coverage they deserve and reducing their out-of-pocket expenses.

SELF-PAY DISCOVERY: Uncovering Insurance to Reduce Patient Burdens



Digital Outbound Engagement

Enhancing Patient Retention & Satisfaction

Inbound Patient Support

Building Trust & Satisfaction

Data Reporting & Analysis

Leveraging Data for Improvement

Courtesy Payment Plan Adoption

Propensity-to-Pay Modeling

Transform Your Patient Financial Engagement