Our team is equipped with the experience and technology to proactively and transparently manage the time consuming process of onboarding new clinicians, verifying credentials, and everything else. We focus on bridging the gaps between maintaining revenue and payments while collaborating with your team to maximize provider satisfaction.

Payer Verification

Remaining up to date with the ever-changing payer policies along with there existing a lack of communication between payers and organizations, this multiple step process can be overwhelming for providers and organizations. By establishing clear communication with payers and putting systems in place to track and manage the process efficiently, we can help navigate the complex verification process by ensuring the following:

Enrollment Application Process

An essential first step in gathering all necessary information to assess the qualifications of the provider or organization seeking to provide quality care. HCM can aid in implementing an accessible and standardized application process, mitigating any factors that could potentially cause delays or rejections to ease the stress by:

Delegated Credentialing Rosters

Organizations need a helping hand to manage risk, reduce liability, and ensure compliance with regulations. We can aid in faster enrollment and reimbursement while insuring a seamless delegated credentialing process for all parties by:


The last thing care organizations need is to experience significant revenue loss as a result of denied or delayed claims made to the payer because of outdated provider information. We can support and provide resources to ensure that organizations and staff maintain their credentials and licenses by: