How Listening to Patients Drives Revenue

Think of us as your ears — listening to your patients’ needs

Contrary to popular opinion, there’s not always safety in numbers. Not when it comes to patients who feel like statistics instead of people. These days, when it’s so critical to gain patients’ trust and satisfaction, the numbers game is a risky approach.

You know that and want to provide a positive patient billing experience. You want to match the quality of in-facility care your patients received. We can help you do it by humanizing the healthcare revenue cycle. It starts with listening to patients — knowing them by name, not as a number.

Humanizing your patients’ experience can increase revenue for you

When you work with HCM right from the start you’ll see what makes us a different kind of revenue cycle management company.

  • A sharp focus on improving and humanizing the patient experience.
  • Real-time information from patients that’s transformed into actionable insights.
  • Open communication that will resonate with your patients.
  • Tools that help us analyze customer interaction at scale.
  • Thoughtful accounts receivable analysis and a clear, strategic outreach campaign to collect revenue.


HCM’s customer-focused reporting drives quality and efficiency. Our goal is to give you accurate information that helps overcome barriers to patient communication. 

Because you care about what your patients have to say — the difference is you

Ultimately, as a leader in your organization, your desire to listen to the voice of your patients makes all the difference in their satisfaction and your revenue. It’s also what drives our customized strategy for your unique situation. We hone in on each process and technology to serve you first and your patients best.

Learn more today about how you can plug us in strategically so you can benefit holistically.

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