The Technology Stack

Modernizing The Revenue Cycle Experience

Embrace technology for key benefits and efficiency

Technology is ever evolving and data drives innovation. We focus on simplicity and efficiency with our clients to minimize complexity and maximize productivity and impact. Our platform complements and integrates with your existing technology stack, thanks to our deep expertise with all EHRs.


Omni-channel & multilingual communication platform

Identifies needs and presents solution to drive outcomes for your patients and cash flow through custom workflow, automated task processing, and data virtualization tools. Our IVR creates single call resolution by using multiple data sources and enabling AI-backed self-service and routing.

The patient experience

Can be automated through IVR and SMS text, preauthorization identification, and identity and insurance checks.

Workflow automation platform

Simplifies processes for both our team and yours, delivering efficiency and standardization that’s totally customizable across dozens of revenue cycle workflows.

AI-powered denials management solutions

Reduce write-offs and appeal processing while increasing cash flows by auto routing claims to the next appropriate team or party.

Patient text & email campaigns

Engage patients when necessary, reducing bad debt, increasing payment plan adoption, patient portal adoption, all while increasing patients who pay within 3 days of receiving a balance-due notification by over 50%.

Our Azure powered Tableau reporting

Automates reconciling and enables actionable analytics on key metrics including payments, account changes, placements, cash trends, and inventory and account and patient status.

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