Our Process

We catch on fast and stick around forever.

We know that if you’re contacting us, you need a solution that plugs in quickly and seamlessly to your network, your team, and your revenue goals. For us, that takes 3 months or less from first meeting to optimization mode. After that, our client relationships last 10 years and more. So make a small time investment now, and watch it pay off for years to come.

Discover: Day 1 - 30


Day 1 - Day 30

We like to call the first 30 days our back-and-forth discovery period. First, we meet in person and talk about your pain points, and your hopes for how to best engage and serve your patients. We also set the stage for our ongoing data strategy during this initial phase – examining how we will ingest the data you provide us and how we will use that data to provide you with optimized cash performance and world-class patient experience.


Day 31 - Day 60

Once we’ve gotten to know you and vice versa, we begin building the team that’s right for you – from your own dedicated service team to your own data experts. We’ve been known to send our teams to our clients’ training for a full and directd immersion into our clients’ culture, values and expectations. After all, that’s the kind of relationship we’re after in the end.

ACTIVATE: Day 31 - Day 60


Day 61+

While we’re building your team, we’re also customizing metrics and reports, and by go-live, it’s yours. Our team incorporates the uniqueness of your workflows into ours to build a Playbook designed around best practices.

By the end of 3 months, your HCM team is trained as if they’re your own coworkers, your data is customized to your specific needs, and life will be much easier. That’s the kind of smooth sailing that keeps our relationships going for 10+ years.