The Power of Consistent Engagement

According to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt approached a record $16 trillion at the end of Q4 2021, which is a 35% increase over the last 10 years (Q4 2011 we were at $11.53 trillion). This increase in debt is significantly outpacing the rate at which wages have been increased over that same period. To […]

How Reliability Becomes Revenue

In today’s fast-paced world, long queues and extended wait times have become the norm, whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store or being put on hold during a phone call. Regrettably, these frustrations often extend to the financial aspects of healthcare, where patients encounter similar challenges within the intricate web of billing and […]

Healthcare Consumerism and Reducing Bad Debt

Navigating the complex terrain of healthcare finances has never been more challenging, with a confluence of factors—from economic fluctuations to the lingering specter of the pandemic—reshaping patient behaviors and priorities. Against this backdrop, the prevalence of medical debt looms large, with a staggering 50% of Americans burdened by this financial strain—an uptick from 46% in […]

Patient Engagement Makes a Difference

Centered on their financial well-being – so you can focus on their physical healing When you think about it, the word “engagement” is actually a neutral term. It can mean greatly interested and committed. But it can also refer to involvement in a hostile encounter. It’s the way you reach out to patients — and […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Percentage of Delayed Claim Payments

5 Ways to Lower Your Percentage of Delayed Claim Payments We’ve become accustomed to delays in reimbursement payments and lists of claim denials. We’ve all been there. But, we also know clean claims get paid faster, so how do you reduce the number of claims that get kicked back you? Often times, your path to […]

Brand Yourself for a Better Revenue Cycle in 2020

A colossal 63% of patients choose a healthcare provider based on their online presence and brand, a substantial shift from years ago. Marketing and brand awareness used to be reserved for the retail industry, today choice and consumerism are requiring the healthcare industry to step up their game.  Today, the healthcare marketplace is highly competitive, […]

Price Transparency is Improving the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Price transparency is the new rule of law in healthcare, and it can be a good thing. Shedding a bright light on the price of care for Americans gives today’s patients the information they need to budget their healthcare needs. It will also drive the competition among providers to put patients first, delivering a higher […]

Optimizing Value-Based Care (VBC) Arrangements to Increase Revenue

Optimizing Value-Based Care (VBC) Arrangements to Increase Revenue Financial risk-sharing arrangements are on the rise as the U.S. health system begins to embrace value-based care (VBC). The transition to VBC, as a result, is exposing opportunities for much-needed revenue cycle growth. While it is commonly accepted that these VBC arrangements affect only a small portion […]

Five Trends for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

What challenges lie ahead in billing and health care revenue cycle management? An increasing number of employers have adopted high-deductible insurance plans for their employees, leaving patients to shoulder more of the costs of their own health care. The impact on revenue cycle management is significant. What changes need to be made now, and what […]