Patient Engagement Makes a Difference

Centered on their financial well-being - so you can focus on their physical healing

When you think about it, the word “engagement” is actually a neutral term. It can mean greatly interested and committed. But it can also refer to involvement in a hostile encounter. It’s the way you reach out to patients — and how they respond to you — that makes all the difference.

In the realm of healthcare finances, positive engagement requires a proactive, patient-centered approach. After all, you want your patients to be confident in the care you provide and trust in how you connect with them even after the healing begins.

Engagement is about building confidence and understanding in your patients

Work with HCM (Healthcare Claims Management) and you’ll have a partner in patient engagement. Think of us as an extension of your relationship with your patients within the billing process. As they gain confidence in your continuum of care, the results will become clear.

HCM has achieved increased outbound answer rates and a higher adoption rate of payment plans. Inbound callbacks are also up 50%. This far surpasses the trailing six-month national average across multiple clients. When we call, patients know we care — and become positively engaged

HCM offers:

  • Custom messaging that allows you to promote real-time policy updates.
  • Intelligent segmentation with tailored engagement strategies that are based on historical patient activity. These help increase conversion rates.
  • Conversations that drive patient satisfaction and result in fewer complaints.
  • It’s more vital than ever to engage proactively


COVID-19 has revealed just how much patients need guidance, direction, and comfort from you — and your financial representatives. We’ll join you in the kind of care that will keep them engaged, satisfied, and loyal to you.

Connect with our team of experts to find out how HCM can plug into your team and continue to build positive relationships with your patients.

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