New York State Medical Billing Laws

Healthcare Chaos Management ensures compliance with New York’s medical billing laws, which are designed to protect patient rights, ensure transparency, and prevent fraudulent practices. These regulations are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the healthcare system in New York.

Patient Privacy & Data Security

HCM prioritizes stringent privacy measures and HIPAA compliance to protect patient data in New York. We implement secure electronic systems, conduct regular risk assessments, and provide comprehensive staff training to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.

New York's stringent data protection regulations, such as the SHIELD Act, require additional safeguards. HCM adheres to these by:

Insurance Claim Submission Guidelines

HCM excels in understanding and navigating the state-specific insurance plan requirements to ensure accurate and timely claim submissions. We verify patient eligibility and coverage, minimizing claim denials and streamlining the revenue cycle. This includes understanding limitations, exclusions, and pre-authorization requirements unique to New York's insurance landscape.

Our procedures are designed to:

Documentation & Record-Keeping Standards

HCM maintains detailed and organized medical records for New York healthcare providers, ensuring compliance with state-specific regulations. This includes accurate documentation of patient information, diagnoses, treatments, procedures, and medications.

Our approach supports accurate billing, legal compliance, and enhances operational efficiency. Specifically, we:

Fee Schedule & Reimbursement Guidelines

HCM maintains their New York healthcare providers fee schedules from insurance payers and government programs. Understanding fee structures, payment rates, and billing guidelines specific to New York helps us maximize reimbursement and avoid potential claim denials.

Our strategies include:

Medical Billing Time Limits

In New York, medical billing time limits have been reduced from six years to three years from the date of service. HCM ensures timely claim submissions to avoid denials due to late filing.

Our compliance strategy includes:

Handling Delayed Medical Bills

If a bill is delayed, HCM reviews the date of service to ensure compliance with New York's timely filing limits. We will be your liaison with insurance providers to address any concerns and ensure proper handling.

Our approach includes:

No Surprises Act

HCM adheres to New York's surprise billing regulations, protecting patients from unexpected bills for out-of-network services received during emergencies or certain non-emergency situations. This law ensures fair billing processes and sets reimbursement rates for out-of-network services.

HCM’s compliance measures include:

Medical Debt Collection Rights

HCM aligns with New York's medical debt collection laws, which prohibit reporting medical debt to credit agencies. Additionally, healthcare providers in New York are barred from placing liens on patients' homes or garnishing wages for unpaid medical debts. Any medical debt reported to credit agencies will be void.

HCM’s practices include:

For necessary forms and further details, visit the New York Department of Financial Services.

Implementing Robust Privacy & Security Measures

HCM's comprehensive privacy and security measures for New York providers include:

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